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On a Mission Trip to Guatemala in 2017, Dr. John Ahn, D.O. became inspired by the medical services rendered to the poor, primarily of Mayan decent, people who live in and around the city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

While the care provided by the general practitioner was delivered with passion, and seemed to be backed by strong medical training, there was a lack of diagnostic equipment. As a gastroenterologist, Dr. Ahn was interested to learn there was one piece of equipment available in this city of 600,000 which would permit or an endoscopy or colonoscopy procedure. Research and history have demonstrated these are two procedures which can be utilized to dramatically reduce the impact of potential cancers of the digestive tract.

It became Dr. Ahn’s goal to seek to provide the endoscopy scope, tower and training to physicians operating in underdeveloped countries, so they may provide these life savings procedures to their patients. Bethesda Siloam Medical Mission Inc. (BSMM) is incorporated in the State of Florida on January 16, 2018 to provide the organizational structure to accomplish this goal.

BSMM is organized  exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically the making of distributions of equipment to perform gastroenterological procedures to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Mission Statement and Purpose

To utilize our gastroenterology expertise to assist the disadvantaged in developing nations / areas.

The purpose of our organization is to assist christian medical mission clinics in foreign countries by providing basic necessary medical instruments such as EKGs, X-ray machines, ultrasounds, endoscopy and other surgical/medical instruments to physician missionaries in the field. BSMM has collaborated with the physician missionaries in Haiti and Guatemala and it became alarmingly apparent that they were extremely limited in their role in accurately diagnosing and effectively treating patient due to the lack of appropriate medical instruments that are considered routine diagnostic tools untilized by doctors in the United States.

BSMM obtains the necessary apparatuses from hospitals and medical suppliers at a discounted price and subsequently donates them to misssion clinics. Since new medical equipment is generally costly, most of these devices contributed by BSMM are used, but in good working condition. For example,


     Olympus Endoscopy


     Processor :                            New:   $20,000       Used:    $7,000

     Light source:                         New:   $10,000      Used:    $3,500

     Upper endoscope ;              New:   $38,000    Used:   $12,000

     Colonoscope:                        New:   $45,000     Used:   $17,000

     Monitor:                                  New :    $2,500      Used:        $700


     Total (1 Full Set):                    New : $115,500    Used   $40,200

For about 1/3 cost of new equipment, a functioning endoscopy unit can be established in the mission clinic to aid the physician in improving their diagnostic skills in treating patients. These instruments can be mobile and therefore easily accessible for those patients who live remotely from the clinic.

The purpose of Medical Mission is probably the most effective way to establish the trust and confidence in the local people so that God's word can be spread much more rapidly. A missionary informed me that a medical mission can shortened the work of non-medical missionary work by 10 fold; one year or medical mission work opens up the door to the local people which would have taken 10 years for non-medical missionary to spread the God's message. We are hoping you could join and share our vision in working together to help spread God's message and love to make a difference in this world.